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What are the benefits of having Noni juice is a redundant question from the newbie users of Noni fruit drink products. It would be apt to reveal the benevolence of the divine Noni from the ancient times to that of modern discoveries. The origin of Noni use in medical practice is attributed to ancient Indian physicians. The two divisions of Indian medicine Ayurveda and Siddha have been constantly using Noni as one of their valuable ingredients in treating various ailments. However, the glory of Noni diminished with time. It was only when researchers abroad found the divine healing property of Noni, it regained its popularity.

According to the ancient herbal scripts on medicine Noni was used to treat various diseases that range from respiratory problems, poor digestion, high blood pressure, and menstrual problems to that of strengthening body’s immune system. Listed below are some of the benefits of Noni fruit drink.

Helps in Depression
Noni fruit drink contains antidepressant compounds such as, insulin, nystose, and succinic acid that alleviate depressed feelings and energize mind and body. Xeronine is one other ingredient present in the Noni fruit drink and it is hailed for bringing about a feeling of well-being as a result of tickling the receptors in brain to receive endorphin hormone. Children that regularly consume Noni juice develop high IQ and generally feel free of exam stress.

Helps in Arthritis
Noni juice helps in reducing inflammatory conditions and strengthens bones and ligaments. The effect of Noni in arthritis treatment is a time tested one. People suffering from arthritis can feel the relief if Noni juice is taken as prescribed by the manufacture regularly.

Noni Juice Benefits for women
Noni has been used in traditional medicine in treating menstrual cycle irregularities. It also prevents backache and mood swings in women during the periods. Glowing skin and healthy hair come as fringe benefits of using Noni products regularly.

Anti-oxidant properties of Noni juice
Anti-oxidants are one of the most advocated remedies for various ailments ranging from allergic diseases like asthma, rhinitis, skin eruptions and other blood and heart related diseases. Noni is rich in anti-oxidants that can purify the blood.

Noni fights cancer and AIDS
In fact the popularity of Noni grew multi-folds in this century after Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered Damnacanthal a component in Noni that had the ability to induce normal cell growth in pre-cancer cells. While the researches are still going on, scientist strongly believe that Noni can utilized in fighting cancer effectively in cancer treatments. The ability of Noni in strengthening the immune system has been cited as it being a potential help for AIDS.

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